Jenni Lloyd


Jenni Lloyd

I'm a designer. For me its a mindset, part of the way I am. I'm drawn to seek out and understand problems and then work out ways of making things better. I'm also incredibly nosy - I love to understand other people, the way they work and the culture they exist in.

I'm a digital veteran and have experienced the massive changes the internet has wrought on just about every aspect of lives and business. I believe the attributes of the social web - openness, transparency, lack of hierarchy and massive interconnection provide a model for better, happier lives.

What I do

As a strategist, I work with new and existing clients to understand their context and their challenges and then co-design ways to make things better.

As a consultant I get hands on - designing and facilitating workshops, action learning groups and other interventions, and providing big ideas and sound advice.

As director of products & services I make sure that we understand clients' needs and have the right offer to meet them.

As a people manager I mentor my colleagues to help them be the best they can be.

Why I do it

I believe in the power of people to come together to do the right thing for the common good. Unfortunately I also see systems and structures that have evolved to disconnect people from each other and make this harder than it should be.

Digital tools, technologies and behaviours allow individuals the power to force a change to these established systems and structures and connect together in new and meaningful ways.

I've been with NixonMcInnes since 2006 and in that time I've come to see the difference that democratised working practices can make both to my own sense of freedom and agency and to others. This is deeply satisfying.

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