Clive Andrews

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Clive Andrews

I’m into training, writing, developing new ideas and asking awkward questions. I’ve worked in the travel industry and the not-for-profit sector, and I believe two of the best tools available to improve our world are the internet and the bicycle.

What I do

My work with NixonMcInnes is a mix of training, research, analysis, silly ideas and good hard thinking. Like everyone else at NM, it’s all about helping big organisations to genuinely be more human - but I specialise in equipping our clients to use social tools in smarter ways.

This could be through training customer service teams, supporting busy community managers or getting stuck into some content planning.

I do lots of work with our rail industry clients - helping them grapple with the relationships, the emotions and the technologies they share with their passengers.

I run training programmes for local and national government – including the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – where I equip officers to answer travel advice queries online.

And with my background in travel and not-for-profit, I also deal with our clients in those sectors, including environmental charity WWF.

Why I do it

I believe in keeping things clear, open and simple - cutting through stuff like jargon, hierarchy and convention to find ways we can all understand each other more clearly.

The programmes I love to work on have a clear societal benefit beyond immediate commercialism. If we spend less time struggling with organisations like banks and railway companies, perhaps life becomes easier for us all.

Training is my main working passion – I get a buzz from getting a group of people to share views and encounter new ideas they can use in their work.

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