How we work

Every engagement is new and different in some way, but these are some of the constants in how we work:

  • Thinking and Doing – we think the power flows from being able to create great strategy AND deliver against it, because both improve as a result. We call ourselves practical strategists – you get people that can help you solve the thinky bit, and then follow through and actually create results.
  • We build you – our track record is of consistently building strength and capability in our clients. We’d rather do ourselves out of a job than become an ever-present parasite. Our interests and motivations are in solving the next big problem. You get real internal growth and development that creates long-term ROI.
  • Put the people first – a legacy of our design heritage is a firm belief that people come before platforms, processes and plans. The worst outcome possible is a piece of tech or a process that nobody uses. You get deliverables that people want to engage with.
  • Walking the talk – we’re not faking this and won’t propose things that we know nothing about. We live and breathe this world. So you get recommendations and deliverables that you can trust.
  • Long-term partnerships – to do our job properly we have to really get immersed in your world, your industry, your challenges. That creates enormous long-term value for you each time you need our help. We go on the journey with you. You get a partner in it for the long run.

This is how we work.

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