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Visualizing How to Save £100 Billion, LIVE

For the last three weeks, a few of us here have been locked away in the highest of the NM Towers, working away frantically scoping out, designing, prototyping and building 3 real-time visualizations to accompany Channel 4′s Dispatches special, How to Save £100 Billion LIVE, which was aired on Monday evening. It’s been a privilege to work on, a highlight of my career even, but no small task by any means!

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We help you shine online

Do you have a project that you would like to discuss with us? Or perhaps you know someone who is thinking about how to implement their digital strategy for 2009 and could do with some useful, actionable input and direction?

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Coworking: The Werks in Brighton & Hove works (ahem)

Coworking most definitely fits into the ‘useful, important, enjoyable and therefore coming to a place near you’ basket, the same basket that contains unconferences, lightweight structures, wikis and wikification in general, democratic working practices and yes, Twitter ;) What they share is a new remoulding and levelling of the world, a move towards collaboration over [...]

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WordPress 2.5 – new version released. Should I upgrade?

Wordpress 2.5 is out and it rocks. Social Media just got better. Better look and feel of the admin area, cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard, and much more…

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Bad internet buzzwords

James Lancaster, the business editor from The Argus, Brighton – our home City – biggest local newspaper, just called up to ask if we had any examples of internet jargon that particularly got up our noses. This was in response to a YouGov survey highlighting the words that most people found irritating. Like any good [...]

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Prepare to be Widgetized!

Simple yet wonderfully effective – web widgets are a great tool to improve SEO, content distribution and viral campaign awareness. They add value for the user and help a site owner promote and distribute content easily and at minimal cost. Find out more by downloading “Essential Web Widgets” the 2nd chapter in our FREE e-book: [...]

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Nixon McInnes launch the childrens TV channel website Jim Jam

An interactive and design led website for parents and children to use together for learning and play The Nixon McInnes team are incredibly excited to launch today an impressive addition to our website portfolio in the children’s TV channel site Jim Jam. Jim Jam is a cable TV channel which has launched in its first [...]

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WEB 2.0 Footers – How to keep peoples flow

One thing I’ve noticed recently is how some websites have decided to use footers as a way to keep people browsing their website.If you read a long article on a website, once you reach the bottom of the page, you arrive to a dead end. You have two options, maybe three if the website has [...]

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