What we do

Our process

We take our clients on a journey to create the future they want to see. Our process explores the present, uncovers possibility then makes it all real.
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Developing a customer-first mindset

Meeting customers' real needs by creating experiences that people love, and embedding customer-centric behaviours.
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Creating collaboration

Breaking down silos, improving efficiency and creating collaborative behaviours - leading to better results and more fun at work.
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Embedding innovation

Developing more creativity and agility to thrive in a fast-paced world by integrating innovation practices into everything
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Developing leadership

Leadership is a set of behaviours, not a job title. Leaders make positive changes in their own lives, and they actively improve the systems in which they live and ...
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Rediscovering meaningful purpose

Aligning your business and inspiring your people by uncovering what’s most important to everyone.
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Speaking and events

The NixonMcInnes team comprises respected thinkers on social business, innovation and digital culture. A number of our consultants are talented public speakers available for conferences, seminars and workshops.