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Poking Insights: A very social riot

This month there has been a bit of discussion about the value of to...

Update for anyone interested in being an intern at NixonMcInnes

Occasionally people get in contact with NixonMcInnes and ask if we ...

Being OLD! and the pain of sharing

I turned 30 last weekend and aside from increasing grey hair, slowi...
Danielle Sheerin


Comment is free – but is it worth anything?

Every time I have cause to check out the stories on our local n...
Will McInnes


Google+, the biggest challenge

I've had a pootle about Google+ this morning. It's OK. I can't r...

Critical social theory and the end of work – Ed Granter

On the first Friday of each month we invite a guest speaker to come...

New Facebook features – photo tagging for Pages, Sponsored Stories and Facebook Studio

Facebook has recently announced that people can now tag Pages in th...
Will McInnes


Notes from WorldBlu Live, San Francisco

I'm not long back from the best conference of my life, and I've bee...

Grassroots campaigning – creating an embeddable map of how MPs voted on a bill

A couple of weeks ago I was shocked by a contentious Ten Minute Rul...
Matt Matheson


The three golden rules of Improv

On the first Friday of each month we invite a guest speaker to come...
Tom Nixon


The next democratic revolution is in the workplace

Democracy is a huge theme for the world in 2011. The events playing...

Making social work for big brands

Yesterday I presented at the Social Media World Forum. I wanted to ...