Social customer service specialist

Nowhere has the impact of social media been greater than in the area of customer service. Through open social channels like Twitter and Facebook, customers are demanding information, satisfaction, apology and recognition. And they’re in a hurry.

Maintaining these online relationships effectively, beneficially and at realistic cost is a challenge for many brands. Social business principles like openness, transparency and community must be embraced while managing expectations and staying focussed. And in today’s connected world, the consequences of getting social customer service wrong can be significant.

Our courses

A NixonMcInnes Academy course in social customer service builds on teams’ existing experience in customer service to ensure social channels are fully understood, so they may be integrated and optimised. With a strong approach to social customer service, reputation is enhanced, loyalty maximised and costs reduced in conventional areas like phone or email-based customer service.

Carefully tailored to each organisation’s market, each course brings teams with mixed levels of knowledge to reach an important standard. Even those who have little or no hands-on experience with social media are able to learn from and work with more experienced colleagues in a safe, enjoyable and collaborative way.

The NixonMcInnes Academy style is fun and interactive throughout the whole day. Courses and delivered by practitioners who really know the world of social business and bring learning to life.

By the end of the course, your team will be able to use new tools and practical techniques to communicate with customers confidently to help your organisation to more fully benefit from the social web

Why us?

Our training is delivered exclusively by NixonMcInnes consultants – people who work daily on real-world client problems with the biggest brands in the UK. This isn’t just another training gig for us: you and your group will spend time learning from and in conversation with practicing technicians that walk the talk.


Prices for a one-day course start at £1500 for up to 15 people. But all NixonMcInnes Academy courses can be customised, so speak to us to get an exact price for the training course you need.