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NixonMcInnes transition ceremony

I recently wrote a blog post about working with ritual design, through telling the story of a ceremony I hosted for NixonMcInnes.

The purpose of the ceremony was to enable the organisation to transition to a radically new business model. The full story is published on and can be read here. Here is a short extract from the post:

When designing a ceremony I use a structure with three arches. The first one represents separation, the second one transition and the third one incorporation. Separation, transition and incorporation are the three steps in a rites of passage and the backbone to all my work.

To design this specific ceremony I researched the needs of the people and turned to Arnold Van Gennep. One thing I have learned from Van Gennep’s research is that a balanced and powerful way to create a ceremony for separating from a group is to reverse the process of incorporation.

We did research on how the gradual incorporations to the community had happened. For some it started around 10 years ago and the significant moments were hard to remember, but it became possible to see some patterns. There were five key points that needed to be reversed…




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