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Seven new initiatives from NixonMcInnes transformation

Today, NixonMcInnes announces the completion of its business transformation. The company has moved from having a fixed in-house team to an associate and partner-based operating model. This has made the business much more purposeful, resilient and flexible.

The transformation has given former employees the opportunity to spin out their own companies and initiatives from NixonMcInnes. Tom Nixon, founder said: “Almost all of our team have spun out their own companies, and I’m incredibly proud and excited to announce them today. We now have a flexible network of associates who can work alone or in collaboration with one another to serve our clients.”

NixonMcInnes will announce further new plans for the future in Spring 2015.

The new initiatives follow:

45 Baker St

Max St John, Charles Davies and Nina Timmers have decided that life’s too short to do anything that doesn’t make people happier. They’ve set up a studio in Brighton to work out how to pull our idea of work to pieces and rebuild it, bit by bit.

BrightCultures | @brightcultures

Danielle Sheerin and Caroline Yetman

A unique blend of practical process and people-thinking to help you integrate social media into every aspect of your business. Wherever your organisation is on its digital journey, BrightCultures provides tailored solutions to help take it to the next level. Designing end-to-end strategies and processes to help your organisation put firm foundations in place, creating new brand experiences and developing on-going innovation.

Built on purpose | @thoswarner

Tom Warner

Creating lean, meaningful software, and designing and facilitating projects to create sustainable and impactful innovation in large organisations, particularly in the area of digital product development.

Collaboration Catalyst | @beegannaway

Belinda Gannaway

Helping companies get the most from social technologies by changing behaviours and creating new skills. Delivering on your goals by boosting your collaboration culture through training, coaching and introducing behaviour change tools and techniques.

Improvising Change | @improvchange

Matthew Matheson

Using an improviser’s secret ingredients – listening, saying yes and commitment – to help teams innovate. Using workshops, the focus is on people, not processes.

Meaningful Events | @MeaningfulUK

Louise Ash

Lovingly produced conferences, events and gatherings that have a meaningful purpose at their heart. Meaningful Events will produce the Meaning Conference for NixonMcInnes.

Purpose Lab | @PurposeLabUK

Jenni Lloyd

Creating projects and interventions that explore and experiment with ways to make the businesses and organisations that serve us work better to create value for people and planet. A diverse bunch of collaborators, convened by Jenni Lloyd.

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  1. Tom,

    I am so impressed with what you have done here.

    This new associate / partner model is the future. Flexible / Powerful / Cost effective.

    I’d love to do a case study on this if you are interested? I’ve been asked for help in creating similar models for other Crunch customers, one in the land of Independent Financial Advice and the other Interior Design.

    Speak soon.Thanks, Darren

    Posted 9th April 2015 at 11:31 am | Permalink