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Meaning 2014: notes and resources all in one place

Lots of lovely blog posts, messages and musings have been appearing over the past week. Mostly from participants on the day. So here are the ones we know about, collected into one handy blog post. Enjoy! And if I missed any, sorry – please add them in the comments section.

Here’s what clever and nimble fingered Adam Tinworth captured on his live blog before he had to disappear to do the school run.

Mark Stevenson at Meaning 2014: The future and how to survive it.

Ben Dyson at Meaning 2014: Why we should redesign banks.

Stefania Druga at Meaning 2014: Saving the world, one play session at a time.

Bob Doak at Meaning 2014: The Gore cult of money making and having fun.

Joel & Michelle Levey at Meaning 2014: You can re-write your brain.

Lauri Feinsod at Meaning 2014: Re-booting your body and your business, with your brain.

Thanks Adam!

Some people suffered frustrating travel delays on the way to Brighton. Andy Swann put his extra thinking time to good use. Here’s his post on Delays and diversions in the search for Meaning.

Doug Shaw shared his experience of the morning session in a post in which he asks What does meaning mean to you?

Ben Dyson had a big impact. His eye-opening talk about the way our money creation and banking system works hit home for many, including Michelle Parry-Slater who shared her thoughts in this post: Stop the world, I want to get off!

Thanks to Maria Fonseca from IntelligentHQ for this write-up which includes observations on Charles Davies’ money stories workshop.

In this reflective musing, Violeta Caragea asks what is The meaning of Meaning?

And if, like Vicki Hughes, your tolerance limit for soundbites has not yet been reached you should read this: How inspirational quotes CAN make us feel better.

Keep ‘em coming folks :)

Other stuff

For an easy-on-the-eye aggregate of the day’s happenings, check out the StoryStream. Or, if you’re planning on writing something, you can use images from the day by the talented Clive Andrews. Find them via Flickr.


And last but not least, grab your Meaning 2015 ticket now while the price is low. See you on 12 November 2015?

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  1. Nursery run, not school run. :-)

    A couple of years away from that yet…

    (And my pleasure)

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  2. Caz

    Such an amazing day!

    Here’s another one for you… my top 10 highlights from Meaning

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