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Matt Matheson

Why having Improv on the Meaning line up is important.

As an improviser who uses improv to help our client teams better perform together, I’m massively excited to see it being a key part of Meaning this year.

I’ve long believed that any team that can truly harness the principles of improvisation – letting go of control, noticing and listening more, seeing everything as an offer, absolute trust between team members and a total commitment to the task in hand – will fly in the face of a challenge.

This is why I’m excited to see one of the world’s most respected improvisors grace the stage of Meaning, giving it the recognition and respect it deserves. Our last speaker of the day is Neil Mularkey – founder of the Comedy Store Players and a regular on shows like Who’s Line Is It Anyway.

A lot of people may not realise that Neil is also a consultant to numerous big businesses on how improvisation can be used to change for the better.

He’ll be speaking about his passion for improvisation and his belief that everything is an offer – and I dare say you’ll even get a chance to try it out on the day to really see what the fuss is all about.

Go in with an open mind, expect to laugh, learn and play – it could be the key to collaboration for you.

If you want to talk further about how improvisation can be used to release a team’s potential, drop me a line on and we can meet for coffee at Meaning.

And if you’re not going to Meaning, you should be – but if you’re not, let’s meet anyway :)

Or if you want to try out some Improv in an easily snackable way, I run a drop in every Friday at midday at the office. All are welcome.

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