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Tea, cake & social collaboration – a learning and sharing session

The world of the social collaboration lead is largely unchartered territory.

So when we got together some leading thinkers in this role from financial services firms, there was a lot to talk about. And a lot to learn.

But overwhelmingly, this felt like a bit of group therapy. Because these forward-thinkers are pioneering new ways of working, thinking and organising. But they are more often than not working alone to push against sometimes centuries old cultures and structures.

So what was on the agenda?

First we talked about visions or end goals. What does the collaborative, social organisation of the future look like? Interestingly, there was common agreement that there is no end point – no grand picture.

Instead, it’s about tying social collaboration efforts into key business objectives and being, ultimately, hugely pragmatic.

Some of this group had a licence for disruption – a direct call for it from visionary business leaders. While, for others, it is about taking gradual steps to deliver on the need for more networked ways of working.

And the biggest blockers? Internal comms. We often hear about the frozen middle of managers who stand to lose most when knowledge is owned by everyone and conversations happen in every direction. But, perhaps it’s internal comms that really needs to wake up to what’s happening – or face the consequences of failing to do so.

For IC professionals whose whole raison d’etre has been about carefully crafting messages that are then broadcast to the masses, the world of free flowing, uncontrolled conversation is a very, very scary place to be.

A big thank you to our friends and clients for joining us and sharing their experiences.

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