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We’re hiring: Change consultant at NixonMcInnes

We're hiring

I’m feeling excited to share that we need new people, as part of our shift to a purposeful change consultancy.

The job spec and guidance on how to apply are below. The most important thing to note is that we’re looking for people who are deeply passionate about what we do, and capable of living our values.

If you know anyone who would make a great new member of our team, please do send this their way!

We are NixonMcInnes

We believe that great companies are communities of purpose. NixonMcInnes helps large organisations put purpose at the heart of everything they do.

We do this using group facilitation, collaborative design processes, piloting new working practices and embedding new behaviours.

We’re a democratic workplace that operates on the values of fulfilment, openness, autonomy, and abundance.

We need a change consultant

We’re looking for a change consultant with experience of working with large organisations, preferably FTSE 350 companies, and with a belief that business can and must be better in the 21st century.

You’ll be responsible for designing and delivering change programmes in close collaboration with our clients, partners and your consultancy colleagues.

You’ll need to be able to build strong and trusting personal relationships with clients, to help them understand and navigate challenges in their organisation and make sure their needs are being met at every step of the way.

You will need to represent NixonMcInnes’ ethos and uphold our values, so a high degree of personal awareness and emotional intelligence is required.

A key part of your role will be to bring your clients into our community so that we can all share and learn from each other’s experience and together make a change for the better.

You will play an active part in the consulting team at NixonMcInnes to help the company learn and grow, as well as sharing your experience with the wider world through writing, speaking and attending community events. All this is key to building our reputation and attracting new clients.

As a participative and democratic company, you will need to join in with strategic decisions and speak up in a group setting to make sure the business is living its values and making bold choices.

We will give you:

  • development – career development in a world-class consultancy doing ground-breaking work
  • ultra-flexible working – work where, when and how you want, to be at your best and deliver on your role
  • radical transparency – open book accounting, option to join board meetings, democratic salary rewards process
  • participation – involvement in key company decisions, strategy creation
  • 25 days’ paid holiday, additional days over Christmas off, £500 personal development budget
  • profit-related bonus

Your responsibilities:

Client management and development: getting a deep understanding of clients’ needs, building strong, trusting relationships and developing ongoing, long term, high value relationships.

Facilitation and group work: bringing people together to harness the collective intelligence of the group, using participative processes (e.g. World Cafe, Open Space) to collaboratively solve problems and design strategies.

Audit and analysis: using stakeholder interviews, desk research and other methods to understand a client’s organisation, the dynamics at play and what challenges or opportunities for a project lie ahead.

Project and process management: managing project timelines, budgets and team resources to deliver great results, on time and to budget, always with a view to what’s next.

Commercial understanding: knowing what makes us a profitable and efficient business, and a world class consultancy, and what your part in that is.

Participation in the business: it doesn’t get more participatory and entrepreneurial than at NixonMcInnes – you’ll need to be willing to get involved in team decisions and doing what you think needs to get done to help us all get on, as well as committing to personal growth.

Skill Range

  • Experience in progressive change consulting
  • Working with large commercial organisations
  • With confidence and expertise in some or most of the following:
    • Organisational development or design
    • Behavioural change programmes
    • Consultative selling
    • Facilitation and group work
    • Project and programme management

Behavioural competencies

We are a purpose and values-led business, which means that everyone who works here needs to live and breath the values.

This means that you need to be able to think and act with the following in mind:

  • Fulfilment – taking personal responsibility to be fulfilled and to ask for what you need, to take every opportunity to develop mastery and grow. Telling it how it is and turning towards difficult conversations or relationships.
  • Autonomy – taking responsibility for fixing problems that you see and acting on opportunities as they come up, being clear about the commitments you make and always following through.
  • Openness – actively seeking new ways to share out to the world and bring new people in, practicing generosity, vulnerability, humility and authenticity with colleagues and your clients.
  • Abundance – always thinking win-win – supporting each other, unconditionally, to be the best and to achieve what we need to. Noticing the fear, as it arises – being open about it and asking for the help we need to develop new behaviours in ourselves.


How to apply

To apply, please email your CV and covering letter to by Friday 6th June.

Along with your CV, please include examples and evidence that you feel explain how your experience and passion will help to deliver on the mission and purpose of NixonMcInnes, and why you will be a good fit for our values.

Salary: £40-60k depending on experience.

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