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Max St John

What we’re working on: collaboration, innovation, mindset and behaviour change

It’s been a particularly busy couple of months here at NM HQ and it’s hard to find the time to talk about what we’re working on when we’re all so busy at it!

Looking at our project list, the big themes I’m noticing are collaboration and innovation, and behaviour and mindset change – often with internal social playing some kind of role. Almost all of our clients have got their approach to external digital comms sorted and are either working out how internal social will support the business, or trying to change the behaviours of the people in the company to become more open, connected and adaptable in the face of massive and rapid change.

It’s also great to see that two of our values – openness and abundance – are really coming through in how we work with expert associates and partners. Part of my role has been to hone our proposition and approach here at NM, so that we focus only on doing what we can do brilliantly, bringing in some incredible people and businesses to deliver increasingly smart and impactful work.

Anyway, enough waffle, here’s a round up of some of the projects we’ve got going on with our clients.

Behaviour change with Do Something Different
Our partners Do Something Different offer a fun and experiential behaviour change programme that we’re running with three different client teams at the moment – a massive tech company and a global financial services business. One programme is all about tackling unconscious bias and increasing diversity, and the other is about helping staff develop a more open-minded approach to personal growth and learning. DSD is a fantastically powerful programme and beautifully designed product, and I think it’s really starting to get the attention and traction it deserves.

Creating a customer-first mindset
We’re working with a major consumer brand on an experiential change programme to get the whole organisation (150 people) thinking and behaving in a more customer-centric way. Alongside their senior team and our partners Fathom, we’re taking people through a very disruptive journey to take them out of their comfort zone and open the door to new possibilities.

Collaboration programme
We’re working with a FTSE 100 bank to identify the case for an internal social collaboration programme and the business processes that will benefit, starting with a huge tranche of research and analysis into their current situation and what’s happening outside. As is becoming a standard part of our process, we’re working with a core team of champions to harness all of the available information and collective intelligence in the business, and to help create the buy-in that will make sure the future programme is a success.

Innovation workshops
Working with a major broadcaster, we’ve been bringing together groups of people across their organisation to design an approach to innovation that will create a large scale shift across the business. Group work and collaborative design have become another core part of our approach and one that our clients say they massively value. On this project we’ve enabled the client to really tap into the ideas and energy of their big internal stakeholder group, in a way that they couldn’t have on their own.

So, there you go – a little peek into what’s happening with us. Any questions? Thinking that it sounds like our lovely, smart team could help you with a problem? Give us a shout :)

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