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Celebrating six years being a WorldBlu company

Six years as a WorldBlu workplace

I’m very happy to share that (as you might have guessed from the picture) we’ve made the WorldBlu list of certified democratic workplaces for the 6th year in a row.

In fact, we’re now the longest standing UK member on the list :)

Being democratic is part of our DNA and deeply important to us. Over the years, as what we’ve done has changed, and various people have come and gone, our values of fulfilment, openness and autonomy as well as profit have stayed core.

It’s not always been easy. When I joined six years ago, many of our systems and processes around democracy weren’t set up for the size of team we had. I can remember some fairly painful group decisions – the kind of thing people might think of when you mention ‘organisational democracy’.

But, as Robert Kiyosaki says “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” And from every difficult or unclear decision, we learned and developed, to the point where we’ve got more clarity and certainty about how we work, openly and inclusively to make smarter and more creative decisions, together.

And we now know – very clearly – that democracy, to us, is not about everybody agreeing. That’s the road to total madness. For us it’s about protecting people from being signed up to anything they’ve not consented to, and – most importantly – are totally free to create and innovate without being bogged down by bureaucracy, or hierarchy.

Now I’m on the inside, I can’t imagine working for a company that doesn’t put freedom at the heart of its culture.

If you’re interested in unleashing the real potential of your people, and your company’s culture, then I recommend it.

Check out the WorldBlu ten principles and this video on how Productivity Associates practice democracy in their workplace.


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  1. Miranda Ash

    Well done Chaps! Great to see you spearheading the charge here in the UK! You’re the longest standing UK certified company on the list. Fab!

    Posted 8th April 2014 at 4:17 pm | Permalink
  2. Traci Fenton

    Rock on NixonMcinnes! So many of those amazing democratic systems and process you HAVE developed, like ‘Church of Fail’ and the ‘Money Gang’, are now used by others around the world! A hearty congrats to you all — thanks for helping to move the movement forward!

    Traci Fenton
    Founder / WorldBlu

    Posted 8th April 2014 at 6:30 pm | Permalink