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CityCamp – four years in and still making change

Anyone who knows me or has been reading our blog for the past few years knows that we’re very proud to be a part of CityCamp Brighton (get your tickets here)

CityCamp Brighton is an unconference (a conference where the attendees decide the agenda) with a meaningful purpose – to be a space for anyone to start or help to build projects that create better futures for the city.

This really isn’t another fun talking-shop for well-intentioned smart people – here are some of the projects and their outcomes over the past few years:

Gig Buddies pairs up people with and without learning disabilities to be friends and to go to events together – it’s about giving everyone access to a decent social life. The project has now employed someone, paired loads of gig buddies and took itself to Glastonbury.

A Healthy Day aims to create healthier lives for families in Brighton through an affordable and healthy food delivery service, along with the resources families need to help them make better food choices.  It’s fed families for £10 a week, printed a recipe book and is about to sell its food bags in HiSbe – our local sustainable supermarket.

Brighton and Hove Untold is about helping Brighton’s residents connect to the hidden stories of the city’s Black and Asian community over the years, by leading people through a real-life tour that’s brought to life through digital content.

This year there’s up to £1000 funding, free office space and CEO/Director mentor-ship as prizes to the best projects – to help them get off the ground and hopefully succeed for the long-term.

It’s two days broken into three separate events:


Friday 21st March, 4pm, Sallis Benney

An evening of talks from some of Brighton’s boldest and most inspiring social enterprises, charities and purpose driven-businesses (including me):


Saturday 22nd March, 10am, St Georges Church

The social innovation hack day to explore ideas for building a better future in Brighton & Hove – totally informal and inclusive where people pitch their ideas, form a team and see how far they can get it before the deadline!


Saturday 22nd March, 6pm, St George Church

A glorious awards ceremony with dinner, drinks, dancing and most importantly… announcing this year’s winning projects.

We’re especially proud that it’s still going strong after four years because we were one of the instigators of the first event alongside our friends the Democratic Society and Public-i. Over the years, the baton’s been passed to people who were attendees of the second event and they’re now fully running the show.

If you’re local (or willing to travel) and you care about a better future for this city, I’d personally invite you to come and join us at CityCamp Brighton next week. It’s fun, it’s an opportunity to be creative and a great place to make new connections.

Get your tickets here)

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