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What I have been up to the past couple of weeks!

What I have been up to the past couple of weeks!

It’s my fourth month here at NixonMcInnes! This is what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks…

Caz and I formed my PDP (Personal Development Plan) in January. I realised I work ‘best’ when I have one focus or a set of short-term goals to accomplish over a set period. So we created three main goals, in which entailed a set of steps to do so each month.

I’ve found it a fantastic way of pushing myself, and it feels extremely satisfying to tick each of the steps off!  If you are interested, in my last blog post I talk about how Caz and I created these goals, here. My goals are:

  1. To ensure all my coursework is successfully completed so that I gain my level 3.
  2. To improve my communication skills – to achieve an 8/10 by the end of the year from peers for blogs, presentations and delivery.
  3. To understand what an ideal consultant looks like and to develop my consultancy skills, to score a ⅗ from my manager and peers by the end of the year, against the junior job description

Setting these goals made me unbelievably motivated and excited. I found this exciting because if I completed all the steps, I could have those goals! It was such a great aim to have (for me) a hard and inspirational set of goals.

One of my steps towards achieving the goals above was to improve the YouTube Meaning conference channel and increase the subscribers. I chose this step, because it has increased external understanding on what our conference is about, and why we do it! My aim for this month was to grow our subscribers by 20. Another aim was to gain the viewers in total by 500 views. I chose to have this completed in just under a month.

To accomplish these goals I regularly update the tags, so it fits best to the related videos and appears highest in the search engine. I also implemented our YouTube videos on our Meaning Conference Google+ channel, which means they automatically sync all of our videos and directs them to our channel. From the analytics, it has seemed to make a good contribution to our new audience! Great result.

Following my previous blog post, which I briefly wrote about the Hive (the Creative and Digital Media Studio School). I highlighted a couple of questions in my previous blog post about how to attract our audience for the Hive. We’ve made more progress now and here’s the update:

What would attract them?

Throughout our ‘strategic’ planning for the website we knew our target audience was people just like us. So this question was full of exciting ideas! Although some ideas were less ‘suitable’ (with a suggestion of free entries and booze to clubs after signing up!). So we decided to replace words with videos and images because we feel it’s more engaging for the target audience.

We want to portray the Hive through videos, pictures and forums! This would include several students in the Hive creative studio explaining their time at the Hive, w what kind of experienced they had. This would mainly be through video. We believe that our target audience would be more engaged by watching someone similar to them have the experience. Rather than a brief of what units and qualifications are available.

How do we want to attract them?

We wanted to engage our audience by thinking differently. Thinking outside the box! We want something innovative and creative. A series of inspiring creations just through the website. This is to give our audience excitement of signing up and being part of the Hive! The website is a key attraction and stem of growing the reputation and potential students and parents. Taking that idea, our in process plan (because it could be extremely hard to create) is to have several of memorable ideas straight away.

For example, an equivalent of Google Maps to be able to see the building and the rooms. Several induction videos of the lessons what you will be learning. Short video clips of the teachers introducing themselves, explaining their background and what they specialise in.

Personally this project is a fantastic project to work on. We have been given autonomy to create anything we believe will work (to a reasonable extent haha)! Really pleased.


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