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Will Chivers

What I have already learnt in 2014?!

Hello its Will here, the apprentice! I started my digital apprenticeship with NixonMcInnes back in September. I have already learned so much. After a lovely Christmas holiday, I returned on 2 January with the NixonMcInnes family.

On my first day back, Caz Yetman and I had a fantastic coaching session. During our previous session, we had created my goals for the year, based on my learning needs and ambitions for the future. I thought it would be really good to know exactly what the ideal consultant looks like.

So, when returning after the new years Caz asked me to draw out with her a stick-man figure with all the qualities that I believe the ideal consultant has. For example I drew him having a dog to represent loyalty and responsibilities. Throughout this I realised so much about what the ideal consultant look like.

This is the image we formed:

As soon as I saw the words, “ideal consultant”, I thought of words such as ‘organised’ and ‘trustworthy’ – because you have to build trusting relationships with clients to create impactful change. Whilst writing this blog I had a conversation with Clive Andrews around this topic. We spoke about how life experience can be so useful because you can offer a different perspective and have things in common with clients or colleagues – which is a fantastic start of forming relationships. An ideal consultant also shows bravery and will have a good instinct which I think is closely related to being creative and passionate.

After completing that, I drew myself as a stick-man figure with the qualities I think I have and we compared the two. It was a brilliant way of being able to see my vision and what I need to work on. It gave me really clear insight to where I am and what steps I need to take to achieve my goals… Awesome session!

Later on in the week, I did one of my first pieces of delivery work. I was analysing social media channels for a big UK broadcast company. The goal for this was to show them where they needed to improve – which skills and knowledge they need to develop. Afterwards I put all my data into a presentation under the titles – ‘branding’, ‘messaging’, ‘content’, ‘metrics’, ‘style’ and ‘interaction’. My key finding was that each channel was very different from each other and there was no real pattern or structure to it, although they are all in the same organisation.

As well as working with NixonMcInnes, I also attend college one day a week as part of my apprenticeship. City College (the place I am currently at studying at) are setting up the Hive (a Creative and Digital Media Studio School). As part of my units, we’re working on a project to support the Hive by creating the website. Recently as part of this, we’ve been brainstorming ways to engage 14-19 year olds with the website. The main questions we focused on were:

  • What would attract them?
  • How do we want to attract them?
  • What theme do we want to have on this website to engage our audience?

We’ve started thinking about a series of short promotional videos with an insight for the parents/ students to what it would be like. We have also considered producing a possible Hive search engine in which you would write in your details of your interests etc. It would match you with the appropriate job role/ course! Fascinating process but this is still in development. I’ll post an update in my next blog post.

Stay tuned!

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