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Do Something Different to Make Collaboration a Reality

I’m really happy to share that we’ve just launched a Do Something Different programme with a global tech business to tackle unconscious bias and build collaboration.

What gets in the way of collaboration?

Collaboration, getting people to share information and co-create solutions, can deliver a lot. From greater innovation and efficiency, to winning new clients. But it is not always simple to pull it off.

Many things can get in the way – a silo’d culture, internal competition, opaque decision-making. The list is endless. But fundamentally it boils down to individual human behaviour.

What is unconscious bias?

I’m interested in how unconscious bias impacts individuals’ willingness to do new things – in particular who they do what with.

Cognitive biases are part of human nature and have helped us survive. Using shortcuts allows us to categorise people, spot enemies and form groups to protect ourselves. All useful stuff for our Neanderthal selves.

The problem is we still operate with a Neanderthal brain and while people don’t think they are biased in their decision making, they often are (hence it being unconscious). We discriminate and favour groups without even realising it. Bias impacts how we form first impressions, decide who to work with, listen to people and their ideas, provide developmental opportunities… and much, much more.

How can you counter unconscious bias?

This is the context for a behavioural flexibility programme we’re rolling out with a global tech business. The organisation is already a leader in promoting diversity and has many progammes that build understanding and inclusive behaviours. But they wanted something that would lift these activities off the page and really create a lasting change in behaviours around diversity.

We have suggested the Do Something Different as a radical and fun way for people to get involved in the wider diversity agenda – perhaps not even realising they are. It’s a great way to gently push people out of their comfort zone and address the gap between knowing the right thing to do and doing it.

What is Do Something Different?

Do Something Different is a social experience and the barriers to adoption are low. Do-ers sign up online and receive a simple but psychologically powerful action to carry out each day.  What’s even better is that research shows that Do Something Different offers sustainable change that is measurable.

The programme kicks off in the New Year so watch this space for more.

If you’d like to know more about our collaboration or behavioural flexibility programmes give me a call on 01273 764033










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