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Belinda Gannaway

Collaboration and Internal Communications in the Social Business

There’s been a lot of debate recently about how imminent the death of the social business really is.

Like all buzz words, ‘social business‘ is a term that has risen on the thermals of blogs, books and conferences, and then sunk back down to earth. But far from that being the death knell of ‘social’ and all the good stuff it offers, that’s when the real work starts to happen. And key to that ‘real work’ is the task of making organisations more collaborative.

It’s all about collaboration

Collaboration is a key plank of the social organisation. It’s only when people start working together in new ways that real progress is made. Whether that’s bringing the customer to the heart of the business, creating an innovation culture, facilitating digital transformation or driving efficiency, people need to come together in new ways and do things differently for meaningful change to happen.

But edicts from CEOs and the like aren’t enough to bring about the sort of change that will see silos crashing and teams reaching out to productively share ideas and work together. Neither will just investing in an enterprise social network create the culture necessary for collaboration to flourish.

De-fluffing internal comms

Last week I gave a presentation to 150 internal communicators at PR Week’s Strategic Internal Communications Conference.  I think it landed because it showed how internal communications can ‘de-fluff’ itself by helping to shape the future of the organisation. 

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