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Ruth Harper

NM Weeknotes – week 671

Belinda: Spent ages prepping for a talk on social customer care at Call Centre Expo and writing the one-day training workshop on social business for Melcrum. Went to talk about internal comms and digital transformation with John Lewis and started working with my new voice coach.

Caz: Danny and I facilitated an away day with the Finance Innovation lab to help them plan their future. We used Art of Hosting techniques to help them clarify their core values, audiences, their long term vision for the lab and a road map for the next few years. it was a great couple of days and they’ve got some very exciting stuff coming up. I’m really looking forward to see what happens next…Watch this space!

Matt: What an amazing week for me! I spent the first couple of days working on a social analytics tool for a major UL telecoms firm then on Wednesday headed to Berlin for the Applied Improvisation Networks world conference. This was immersive and covered practical applications of improv to organisations on a number of topics including coaching, culture change, leadership, innovation and a heap of other stuff. Expect a blog post soon.

Tom N My first official week back at NixonMcInnes, and it was awesome. Spent lots of time with Jenni and Maxi planning the next phase of the company and getting ready for two days off-site with the team. Bring on the future!


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