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Ruth Harper

NM Weeknotes – week 670

Caz: I worked with Danny & Max to design a team away day for the Finance Innovation Lab where we will be faciliating them using Art of Hosting techniques to help them clarify their future vision. They’re doing some very interesting work around re-imagining the financial system. Check them out:
I also helped promote our happiness workshops which are happening the day before our Meaning Conference. You can see more info and sign up here.
And I prepared for our newest member who joined our team on Monday!

Max: I carried out a six month review of our work with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, working with Danny and Clive. We collaboratively designed, with the client, a plan for the next six months.

Ruth: Meetings galore! Helping to design two workshops for Pan MacMillan later this month, and facilitated part of our Open Studios event.

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