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NM Weeknotes – week 669

Clive: Ran a one-day social media training course for a local authority. Everyone from planners to dog wardens were there, and we dealt with the important fundamentals of social media strategy.

Began assembling a new range of training courses for a major goverment department – building on work we’ve been doing for the last couple of years.

And, like the rest of team, spent a morning in the ‘all-company’ board meeting. Democracy at work.

Danny: Presented digital trends to fs client as part of a planning workshop (with Bee and Jenni), helped the financial innovation lab design their annual retreat which we are hosting for them (with Max)

Jenni: Monday – participated in the company board meeting. We’re experimenting with a new model and have opened the board meeting to the whole company. We had a fantastic session in which we explored the company’s true purpose and discussed our individual needs – mapping how well the company meets those needs in order to check our direction.

On Tuesday I headed up to London to catch-up with Pan Macmillan, and introduce them to Ruth Harper as a new member of their client team.

Thursday saw a posse of us heading up to London again to workshop the needs of the connected consumer with the Heads of Digital from across the Old Mutual Group.

On Friday I had the privilege of joining a group of Women Leaders of Arts organisations to workshop the meaning and role of personal brands. In the afternoon we had an engaging discussion with Polly Toynbee, Caroline Lucas and Penny Thomson around the emerging new models of leadership – really inspirational! Then it was back to the office for a special session of Church of Fail, which was being photographed by for an upcoming feature.

Louise: Promoting Meaning, our annual conference for better business.

Managing PR op with Inc Magazine for photo shoot at Church of Fail

Preparing for SMWLDN event on 21st century leadership with guests panelists from BBC, Orbit and A&O. Aimed at people in large orgs who are driving change from within. Getting ready for ‘BDFOpenStudios’ on 27 Sept when we’ll be inviting people to take a look inside NM and experience how we work with our clients.

Fixing some of the broken bits of the NM site.

Max: Discussing an upcoming webinar on creating happier workplaces for a group of 100 IT support managers.

Ruth: Feeling a bit like the first week of term this week – Lots of things starting and bursting back into life after the summer break. Starting with the all-company board meeting, and then headlong into the week.

I had a first chance to meet Pan Macmillan – a long-standing client that I’m really excited about working with in the very near future. Also, planning the Open Studios event, finishing off my first ever NM annual review and rounding off the Orbit case study (coming soon to a NM website near you).

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