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NixonMcInnes Roundtable series: Digital Transformation, September 24th

NixonMcInnes hosts a roundtable series and our next one is on the topic of digital transformation. These events are an opportunity to meet with peers from different organisations to discuss shared challenges. NixonMcInnes roundtables are attended by NM clients and guests from brands like BBC, Cisco, M&S, TUI, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Visa Europe and WWF. We provide the facilitation and the coffee.

The world of business is changing. Digital is disrupting old business models, changing customer behaviour, employee needs and staff potential. These changes are presenting new situations and creating new roles for people tasked with addressing these challenges. Such leaders can help their businesses thrive in times of change. Are you one of those people?

You might be leading a programme to make your organisation think ‘digital first’ or needing to develop a more customer-focussed mindset in a traditionally B2C company. You might recognise that your organisation needs to change and innovate on its business model in order to thrive in a digitally disrupted world. You might be an IT director who needs to collaborate with other departments in a more meaningful way, or a marketing director who is embedding an internal social network in your business to help your people collaborate better.

If you recognise any of this you’re probably a digital transformation leader. You are navigating and leading your organisation to fundamentally change in some way.

We invite digital transformation leaders to join us for a roundtable discussion in which we will explore, among other topics:

  •     How to get past the barriers to change
  •     How to demonstrate ROI with more than numbers 
  •     What is the relationship between digital technologies and culture change?
  •     What qualities does a digital transformation leader need?

Date: Tuesday 24 September

Time: 9am – 1pm

Venue: wallacespace, Covent Garden


09.00  Welcome & coffee

09.30  Facilitated discussion on the challenges of digital transformation

12.00  Networking lunch

If you’d like to join your peers on this roundtable contact Anna with a line or two about what your key challenge(s) are.

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