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NM Weeknotes – week 659

It’s very definitely SUMMER!
We’ve been swimming in the sea, eating ice cream, had our annual camping trip and generally made the most of Brighton in the sunshine. We’ve also been working our socks off.

Anna: Meetings with financial services company, banks and friend of NM, Tony Stewart.

Caz: Delivered training to civil servants at the Food Standards Agency – helping them to use social media to engage communities and for communicating during a crisis (e.g. the horse meat issue earlier this year).
Co-created a workshop with directors of a big PR company to help them maintain a positive culture during a period of growth.
Managed a big behaviour change pitch – helping a large organisation become more customer-centric.
Analysed social media data from a big UK bank to find out the customer pain points. This is in preparation for a workshop to help them innovate on products and services.
Swam in the sea most evenings :)

Clive: On Tuesday, I ran an advanced Twitter workshop for a railway company we’ve worked with for a while – really interesting stuff, helping a social media team recognise their strengths as well as the areas they need to keep working on. I spent part of Thursday with a holiday company, working on social content ideas that express what their brand’s all about. And on Friday I finalised a project for a transport operator, dealing with strategy for difficult Facebook situations.
Then I ended a busy week by going camping with a load of the NM crew.

Danny: Social CRM conference with a client, meetings with financial services company, banks and friend of NM, Tony Stewart. Helping a holiday company make its content and engagement more strategic.

Jenni: Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy! Took a break from Pitch 1 to get a verbal go ahead from Pitch 2 – an international financial services company. So next week we’ll start working with a shiny new client on an exciting new thing :) Then went back to Pitch 1 – with a light sprinkling of planning for an innovation workshop for RBS‘ digital team. Enjoyed the sunshine – ate loads of ice cream (especially after we realised the freezer was bust) and spent lunchtimes at the beach. Nice.

Max: This week, Caz, Will and I worked with two clients on a workshop to uncover and capture their company’s values. It’s an exciting project aiming to reinforce their cultural values as they grow, by working with their staff in a collaborative way.

Ruth: This week, I helped out Caz and Clive with bits of research for their projects, worked on some prospecting, helped finish off a case study and spent a day at BBC Radio 4‘s digital marketing challenge day – a fantastic opportunity to get the creative juices flowing with a bunch of smart people from some great organisations. Might have popped with glee, because: Radio 4.

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