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NM Weeknotes – week 658 – return of the weeknotes

Nick Sayers' Bicycle Spirograph - First Friday

A busy week at NM. Here’s a quick round-up of what we got up to:

Anna facilitated a talk and a workshop on Monday at Pan Macmillan about taking inspiration from the TV industry.

Anna also came up with an idea for our next roundtable, in September – see Futureproof for details.

Caz, Danny and Jenni spent the first half of the week with the social customer care team at a major bank, helping the people there understand how they make the most of their great start and how they can take it further.

Caz project-managed a data visualisation addressing British Behaviour Abroad for the Foreign Office.

Danny also advised a client on the launch of its social customer service offering.

Jenni, Caz and Anna have been busy putting together our approach for two separate pitches – both focusing on creating a mindset shift to become more customer-centric.

Lou worked on promoting our latest white paper: 12 steps to enterprise social network success and preparing the Meaning website ready for launch, as well as publicising our First Friday event with Nick Sayers.

Matt returned from Glastonbury and is working on two build projects, one for the BBC and one for O2, as well as working on a number of supa-fun-time internal process projects.

Ruth worked on social media strategy for Cisco, and did a bit of data crunching to help out Caz and Clive with their current projects. She also took first steps into prospecting and helping out the biz dev team, working with Anna to look for interesting people to make contact with – and made a foray into blogging. She also worked on some internal and culture bits, started off the weeknotes thing, and had a birthday.

Tom did bug fixing on BBC Weatherbot admin application after QA, then integration into the ‘proper’ Weatherbot application.

Max and Julian were off enjoying some summer holiday action, Nick Sayers’ First Friday was brilliant – great to hear all about his work using maths and found/discarded objects – and Ruth and Clive had a joint birthday lunch which seems to still be providing leftovers…

And that was week 658*…

*Week numbers are based on life of the company. NM was founded on 29th November 2000, making these the notes for week 658 of NixonMcInnes.


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