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All About You – supporting the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII for O2

Last year O2, one of our long-term clients, approached us with an interesting brief.

They wanted us to come up with some creative ideas for a Facebook application to support the launch of the Samsung Galaxy SIII on the O2 network.

The SIII is a pretty cool phone – it has some really nice touches that make it incredibly user-friendly.  For example, it identifies when you are lying down and makes sure that the screen display is still readable (so you don’t have to hold the phone at a funny angle to stop it shifting to landscape view).  It also uses eye tracking to monitor when you are viewing the screen and dims the display when you aren’t.

O2 were keen to let people know about the SIII and its features for the launch; the message that they wanted our concept to reflect and bring to life was “The phone that knows you best… from the network that knows you best”

We love this type of challenge – while a lot of the social business work we do can be invisible (to the outside world), many of us here have a web design background and sometimes it is really nice to get our thinking caps on and build something fun and engaging.

The idea that we came up with for O2 was All About You, an app that uses your Facebook friends, posts and photos to discover which of your friends knows you best.

It helps you to find out: who likes your posts the most (your secret-admirer), who is photographed with you most often (your partner-in-crime), who comments on your posts the most (your chatter-box chum) and which words you use most often in your updates.

This works really well, as it reinforces the core proposition behind O2′s brief, that of knowing the user, and brings this to life in a fun and engaging way on Facebook.  From a data point of view we were really pleased to have built an app that took what’s normally invisible (your Facebook data), and make it useful. It also encourages users to discuss the results with their friends and share the app, thereby improving its reach amongst it’s target market.

The app launched last in May 2012 and immediately attracted significant attention and a large number of users.

If you want to see how it looks in practice, here is an example of Ross’ All About You results (my word cloud contains too many expletives for inclusion :-\ )

The app is no longer live, but watch this space for future interesting data-driven projects from NM and our clients.

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