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I’m off; at the end of March I am leaving NM after almost four years. Anyone that knows me knows that this is no small statement.

My time at NM has changed me forever in the best way possible and every job from now has a lot to live up to. I’ve worked on some of the coolest projects imaginable and worked with the smartest group of people I’ve ever met. It’s the latter that I will remember longest, and so I thought I’d bid farewell with some of favourite memories of the team.


One of my earliest tasks was to pick up and lead our work with Barclaycard, which at that point amounted to two small projects and handful of relationships. Over two years I helped grow it to be one of our most valuable clients financially and one of the first big examples of our transformation from social media consultancy to social business consultancy.

Aside from working on some very cool projects with some brilliant clients whom I now count as friends, I got to work closely with the relatively quiet but awe-inspiringly talented Danny. Dan is one of our consultants and has an internal reputation that is unrivalled. If you need something done well and/or have something mind-bendingly complex, Danny is that amazing kind of colleague who simply gets stuff done extremely well.

Typical phone exchange with Danny:

She’s also a bit grumpy and has a brutally dark sense of humour, so working with her was lots of fun, about the best time I’ve ever had at work. I have a million funny stories but my two favourites can be summarised by tic-tacs and arm-biting. We are also the proud inventors of Train Booze (no more complicated than its name), now a solid NM tradition.


If I didn’t already have three siblings I’d claim Anna as a twin and spin out an elaborate backstory involving cats and squirrels. Along with Will she interviewed me for the job and since day one we’ve occupied a similar space inside the company, bonding over animal videos, clothes and teasing Danny.

Inside of work we developed a weird shorthand that meant that meetings lasted minutes and projects just happened, and outside of work she introduced me to my beautiful girlfriend, made my best friend very happy and generally brings sunshine to everything in her own way.


It’s probably no secret that I’m a bit in love with the MD. I decided to stalk him after we met at measurement camp, and after six months of perseverance he relented and offered me a job having rejected me a first time. Therefore it was particularly amazing that he was my manager/coach for the first two years that I was at NM.

As I’ll tell Will over beers next week at my leaving do, he’s fundamentally changed my life for the better. He spotted that inside the quiet, nerdy Ross that joined was a spotlight-loving ego-maniac waiting to be set free. Every two weeks we’d meet for breakfast and every time he’d poke through my bravado or excuses and unlock a little bit more, leaving me with a bit more personality or power.

Whatever I go on to do with my career I can’t imagine a day without some McInnes nugget popping into my head. The man is a hero.

The end…

I could write paragraphs about each and every colleague but realise how indulgent that would be and so I won’t, though they all individually have a place in my heart. I could say how much I’ll miss Jenni’s warm and wicked laugh, or Clive’s deep integrity and ability to point out how I’m no-doubt misusing punctuation. I could say how much I’ll miss seeing Caz outperform every expectation put on her, or how sad I am that I’ll no longer witness Leesa’s headstands after a glass of prosecco, but I won’t, and I’m not sad.

Since announcing to the team that I was leaving I made a conscious decision to exit in the best way possible. I didn’t want it to be sad, awkward or loaded, and instead wanted to leave the team not missing me at all. Whatever my contribution to the NM cake is, I’ve done my best to leave it in the building and with that I sincerely wish the team every success x


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  1. Liz Mc

    Ahh a fitting tribute to your NMers! I felt the need to comment so I could get some recognition of your current loved up status too. ;) Good luck in your new job. x

    Posted 12th March 2013 at 5:55 pm | Permalink
  2. Louise Ash

    there’s still time to change your mind!!

    Posted 12th March 2013 at 6:38 pm | Permalink
  3. will mcinnes

    You have been and are an absolute solid gold rock star boombastic telly-fantastic winsome winner, and I will miss you.

    Posted 15th March 2013 at 5:08 pm | Permalink