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We are hiring: Digital change consultant

We’re excited here about this role because this hire, if we can find the right person, will be another tangible manifestation of our strategy. Another really exciting step into the unknown.

Let me roll back a bit: we believe that large organisations need to substantially change – they are being challenged by ‘digital disruption’, so the way their markets, people, customers and world around them behave is adapting and fast, driven by technology and in particular the internet.

This is why we put on Meaning, to provoke thinking about the future of business, and why I wrote Culture Shock, to suggest some possibilities about what social business really looks like.

At first the work we did to help these organisations challenged by digital disruption was focused around social media and particularly social as an external comms thing. But over the past three years more and more of our work has needed to be ‘internal’ as well as external. That is, working on skills, behaviours, processes, structures inside the organisation so that they can become more social.

Last year we invested a large amount of money into training our existing consultants in organisational change skills, in group facilitation, in coaching and organisational development so that we could all become better equipped to deliver these services our clients are asking for. And our team changed and continued to evolve too.

So back to the present day! Today we offer clients two kinds of support:

1. Taking social to the next level – which is our heritage in excellent, advanced social media, leaning towards outcomes that ultimately reach people outside the organisation, and made up of things like strategy, governance, measurement, Social CRM and other interesting or complex challenges.

2. Business change for the digital world – which is the newer and growing part of what we do, where sometimes the word ‘social’ isn’t even mentioned by the client, designing programmes with a change or innovation flavour that get parts or the whole of the organisation learning how to operate differently in order to thrive in a very different ‘digitally disrupted’ environment.

This hire that we are looking to make is to keep our ability to do the latter service area in particular moving forward. We want to get better and better and better at this. To draw on more of the traditional change and organisational development toolkit, but infuse it with our own digital DNA and understanding of client challenges.

We are looking for someone who might be described as ‘mid-level’ or ‘up-and-coming’ in terms of their experience in these disciplines, because we already have a very strong consulting team, and because – to be frank – we want to try to promote from within wherever we can, having learnt the hard way about how people feel when new people are constantly introduced above them. So we want someone who can come and be part of us.

And for that person, this is a really exciting opportunity. The chance to be part of creating a new area of consulting. The chance to help us really change major organisations that impact on millions of people. Pretty cool. Not easy, but pretty meaningful.

So here’s a little blurb, with a link to the job ad on Wired Sussex (for Brighton people) and Changeboard (for change / OD people).

Digital Change consultant
£35,000 – £39,000

We are looking for an exciting, confident change or OD practitioner to join our pioneering consultancy. With our heritage in digital and social media, our clients are increasingly asking us to help them to evolve their people, culture, systems and structures to be able to thrive in a business environment challenged by digital business models, technologies & behaviours.

This is an opportunity to help carve out a new niche in consulting, helping some of the biggest organisations in the world change so that they can thrive through digital disruption and become more conscious as organisations.

You will have worked in a consultancy environment, providing high value people-centred services to corporate clients. You are likely to be in your third or fourth role, and ambitious to continue your learning and professional development, but in an entrepreneurial company that is bravely making sense of the emerging 21st century business environment. You like to progress and have the potential and gumption to be part of driving NM’s direction and growth.


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  1. Oi.

    I’ve put the word out for a change type.

    Why do you say you would only work with ‘large organisations’? Going back to my prod from the other day…if there was a way of doing what you do with SMEs then why not. They are the ones that need the help to be fair :)

    This is somat we are looking into for Fathom by blending the online experiences we are creating for our training ( with live stuff.

    I’ll let you know…


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