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First Friday, 1st March – Simon De Cintra

I’m delighted to say that our next First Friday speaker is Simon De Cintra. He’ll be giving a talk in our offices on Friday March 1st at 5PM.

Simon is the man behind Act Naturally, a consultancy specialising in communication style and ability – how we present ourselves and convey what we’re saying. He has worked with myself and Anna, and personally it’s been one of the most valuable bits of training I’ve had in my career, helping me to be more conscious of how I speak publicly and how to do so with varying intentions.

The more I work with Simon the more I realise there’s a great deal of overlap between his work and mine; where as I help large brands find an authentic voice in digital through the empowerment of people, he helps individuals find their own authentic voice through consciousness and confidence.

For his First Friday session Simon will be covering:

What makes a great communicator? Why are some people more engaging than others? How can we reclaim the choices we have in our communication style, so that we can say more with less content and time. Where are the similarities between creating a great face to face and online brand…

Simon’s a brilliant speaker and a very smart man so I’d recommend coming along, particularly if you work with people and are keen to learn a bit about how you come across. As always please let us know if you can make it by signing up here.

ps. Simon and his business partner are also putting on a show in February called My First Trainer – if the above sounds good and you’d like to attend a show poking fun at the often pretentious world of business, find out more here

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