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Will McInnes


We are hiring: Digital change consultant

We're excited here about this role because this hire, if we can fin...

On personal terms and conditions

Worrying about social media again.

Helping Speedo be more resilient in response to social media crisis

How we helped Speedo with crisis and issue readiness.

First Friday, 1st March – Simon De Cintra

Details of our March First Friday, with Simon De Cintra.
Will McInnes


Disruption is our new favourite word

You know what it’s like in business – one thing guaranteed to n...
Max St John

St John

Innovation on the fringes: how ecosystems use inclusion and difference

In the end, I believe that those who call forth the most collective...

Thoughts from the Social Brands event, February 7th 2013

My thoughts from the social brands event.

Video from First Friday – CommuniToy

Video and photo from First Friday.