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Will McInnes

Taking social to the next level

We’ve just won another client where the brief could be summarised as ‘how do we take social to the next level?’.

And looking across our client base it looks like a real pattern in the 50% of work we are doing that could still be described as ‘social media marketing’.

It’s not surprising – this stuff has been a proper part of people’s day jobs and organisations budgets for long enough now that the foundations have been laid and some valuable lessons have been learnt. Now people are asking themselves: what’s working, what’s valuable and what’s next?

Within this shift or maturation, there are some common themes:

  1. Value – they have proven some kind of real business ROI, which has led to raised awareness at board level, which has led to raised expectations and increased scrutiny. These clients now want to maintain the value/quality of their efforts but increase the volume/scale.
  2. Innovation – they have a strong sense of where they are against a benchmark of competitors or peers, feel they are in the pack, and now want to get ahead again and feel they have to do things differently in order to do so. The appetite is there.
  3. Integration – there are now strong internal forces for them to integrate their social activities, either with other comms, or with other business initiatives or geographies – everyone wants a piece of the action
  4. Governance – although they want to scale or are under pressure to empower more of the business, they also want to focus their efforts on the (sorry) ‘leverage points’ that are really making a difference, rather than doing stuff for the sake of it – so there’s some boiling down and some governance work happening to enshrine the good stuff and balance the need for control with the need to empower

Simple, really :)

This is the social strategy stuff we really enjoy – we’ve grown a relatively senior and experienced team and hence a business model that are poorly suited to rinse-and-repeat work, and the day-to-day manning of Twitter and Facebook accounts (it’s not a dig at anyone else, it’s just a fact), and brilliantly suited to solving novel problems and pushing things on to the next level.

So this is good news for us, this push towards taking social to the next level. Bring that shizzle on.

Of course the other chunk of our work is more like ‘business change for a digital world’ – the social business stuff, the internal adapting for a world disrupted by digital. Interesting things are happening there too. But that’s another story for another time.

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