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We’re hiring: Strategic Technologist / ‘Business Hacker’

We’re on the look out for a #smart and #ambitious ‘business hacker’ to join our growing, talented and varied team. Someone who can happily co-exist between the technology, innovation and business worlds. The role is varied and demanding but exciting – you’ll get to work with a brilliant team on some truly cutting edge projects with great clients. On any given day you might be:

  • Consulting with clients to understand their business and the challenges they face
  • Collaborating with colleagues across different disciplines to define solutions for clients
  • Whiteboarding the technical architecture for a new project
  • Coding up a prototype to demonstrate a product idea
  • Experimenting with some cool new tech that excites you, and blogging the outputs
  • Speaking at an event, sharing the goodness you create with the wider world
  • Working with a pitch team, brainstorming a creative approach to a new digital brief
  • Hosting a workshop for a client, uncovering new business needs and opportunities
  • Creating and selling new services, and generally evolving the NixonMcInnes offer
  • Getting involved in important team decisions around finances, policy and culture
  • Mucking in where needed, we’re a small but growing team, and need everyone to do their bit

Key skills

Generally, you have:

  • A hacker mentality, combined with business smarts and the entrepreneurial spirit
  • A vision for things which do not yet exist, and the technical know-how and drive to turn them into a reality
  • A love of data, technology, open source and the social web
  • An ability to pick up new technologies, ideas and opportunities and run with them at the drop of a hat
  • A deep understanding of how (primarily digital) things are made, coupled with a desire to share this understanding effectively with the wider world
  • The ability to execute on this understanding, creating prototypes and innovative digital products
  • The ability to communicate well with people who may have little or no technical understanding
  • An openness to change and a high degree of flexibility – you must be willing and able to pivot in response to changing circumstances
  • Commercial understanding that helps you design appropriate solutions to meet client needs

If this sounds like you, please check out the full job description on GitHub, and apply by sending your CV to Along with your CV, please include a link to your Github profile, as well as links to other pieces of work and evidence that you feel showcase your best creations; you should also tell us what excites you about technology, why NixonMcInnes, that kind of thing. We take hiring really seriously and so would really appreciate anything that will help us gain perspective on you.

Otherwise, if you know someone that might fit the bill, please forward this on!

Only hurry, as the closing date (Nov 30th) is fast approaching!

Thanks :)

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