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Weeknotes 9/11/12

Weeknotes this week comes on our final day of hobo living at NixonMcInnes. We move into our new office on Monday! Above is a picture of one of the areas in the new office earlier in the week, a lot of progress has been made this week as the final cosmetic touches go in. The lady to the left of the picture is Leesa, our office manager and keystone of this whole move. She’s been a proper hero over the last few weeks juggling all the logistics and people involved in the move as well as doing her day job and managing her family.

So what else has been happening?

Ross and Will delivered a training day to Cisco’s partner account managers, using existing internal objectives to frame best practice social media behaviours such as collaboration and demonstrating passion.

Will shared some ideas about Culture Shock and Brighton’s business community with 25 representatives from the UKTI who promote British cities to foreign companies looking to locate in the UK.

Will, Jenni and Louise had a post-Meaning Conference review and plotted to make next year’s even more ambitious… exciting!

Danny and Jenni delivered a workshop at Channel 4 to help them rationalise their social media footprint.

Jenni and Jules ran a workshop at Pan Macmillan to explore the business needs that could be addressed by better access to consumer data.

Bee went to the CIPR Internal Comms conference to take temperature of sector and dip her toe in all the change surrounding it.

Bee also continued to support the new community manager at train company First Great Western with a range of  hands on support for managing the company’s busy social customer service channels, as well as giving strategic advice to tie the programme into long-term business value.

Without an NM office, there are no NM happy buckets, so Clive and Steve have been tinkering with an online alternative that enables us to share our daily feelings during our two weeks of transition.

Danny talked risk asessment and mitigation in social media customer services with a major UK bank.

Steve has been working with BBC R&D to design the technical architecture for @bbcweatherbot – this pilot is in full swing so watch this space for developments!

Steve, Jenni and I designed a workshop to introduce a broader employee audience at Pan Macmillan to innovation processes, tools, behaviours and mindsets.

Not a bad week amongst all the moving disruption!

See you on the other side, have a great weekend :)


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