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A non-programmer’s solution to “Fizz Buzz”

Fizz Buzz is a well known programming exercise, aimed to establish ...

Weeknotes – 23/11/12

A quick and dirty weeknotes this week, on account of being super bu...

Social customer service roundtable #1

Notes from our first social CS roundtable.
Max St John

St John

Participatory leadership: a new way of leading for complex times

This time last month I was nearing the end of four days shut away i...

What Facebook ‘could’ do with all that data

What Facebook could do with all that data

Weeknotes 16/11/2012

Cor blimey, it’s the end of another week already, and what a ...

We’re hiring: Strategic Technologist / ‘Business Hacker’

We're on the look out for a #smart and #ambitious 'business hac...

Happiness at work – an infographic

An infographic showing happiness at work.
Belinda Gannaway


Heading for the Iceberg – Why Internal Communications Matter More Than Ever

The challenges facing organisations at the moment give internal com...
Anna Carlson


Weeknotes 9/11/12

Weeknotes this week comes on our final day of hobo living at Ni...
Anna Carlson


Weeknotes 2/11/12

Weeknotes comes to you this week from our room in The Skiff, th...