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Weeknotes 26/10/12


Following Anna’s example from last week, here an overview of what we’ve been up to. It’s been an odd week as it’s our last week in our current office (see above photo for evidence), so the following might be a bit jumbled, but here goes…

Danny and Jules met with Tony Stewart from Aviva Investors (actually back end of last week) resulting in a new blog post – 5 tips for building a successful internal social network - it’s great advice based on real life experience.

Will is in Amsterdam doing his inspirational speaking thing today, this time to a HR audience alongside Meaning speakers Stowe Boyd and Luis Saurez at HRTech Europe, about how business is becoming more democratic and participative, and what that means for HR. His slides can be seen here. The HR world is hugely exciting for us as it’s right at the heart of organisational culture, something we’re all passionate about at NM.

Bruce and I had a cool meeting on Monday kicking off a Christmas Facebook build project with a major comms client. It lead to a really interesting discussion about the potential for Social CRM, merging traditional customer data with social data. Watch this space.

Then on Wednesday Will and got up crazy early to rehearse a training session to be delivered to Cisco Partner Account Managers, helping them to use social to work more effectively internally and externally. What was even cooler was that we did the rehearsal over ‘TelePresence‘, which is like video conferencing on steroids  it’s amazing to have people in four separate countries on a call, and to be able to make eye contact with them and genuinely feel like they’re in the room.

Will also unveiled his new art project – three years in the making. Can’t say I’m thrilled about it, I’m definitely not a pretty sleeper, but it’s always nice to be on the internet.

Anna and Jenni facilitated a pilot review meeting with the reader engagement group of a top 5 UK trade publisher.

Anna also attended Channel 4′s Fuel4 Multiplatform Fiction Summit, which is part of a wider programme from Channel 4 Online to encourage digital, gaming and TV producers to collaborate.

Clive’s been back at the headquarters of WWF UK, running more social media training. This is part of a series of sessions to ensure that everyone at WWF has a good feel for the principles and potential within digital stuff.

Bruce wrote a great post about his experiences of working for a democratic agency which was published on the Wired Sussex site.

And most excitedly, yesterday a few of us visited the new offices; I’m known for being a bit excitable, but almost popped when I saw them – I think they’re going to be the best offices ever, complete with cosy reading room, lots of huge windows, shower wet room and enough space for two NixonMcInnes’s. We won’t be properly in there for two weeks, and so we’ve got a temporary home at the Skiff. Jon Markwell gave us the grand tour and we’re really excited to be spending two weeks mixing with the Brighton freelance community – it’s a really cool space if you’ve never been.

So that’s it from me – I’d invite my colleagues to edit this post or add further stuff in the comments section below.

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  1. Another thing: we advertised a new job position this week, we’re looking for a business hacker… Could this be you? Apply here. :)

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