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Weeknotes 19/10/12

Welcome to our first weeknotes, where each week one person from NixonMcInnes will compile a list of what the team have been up that week. Inspired by the likes of Berg and others, and the fact that our networked team does a lot of diverse stuff from week to week, we thought it might be interesting for us to share some of the stuff we’re getting up to. As much for us to keep up with eachother as you!

So here goes…

Following on from our lovely Meaning conference at the beginning of the month, we now have videos of all the talks live on the website. So if you weren’t able to join us this time, enjoy! And if you were, you might not be able to resist watching one or two of them again. Some corkers in there.

At the beginning of the week Max returned from the Art of Hosting in Copenhagen, a three day course (that Anna and Steve also did earlier in the year) which focusses on leadership, facilitation and hosting meaningful conversations. While he was there he also enjoyed hanging out with our friend Alex Kjerulf, the Chief Happiness Officer in Denmark who also gave a rousing talk at Meaning about Happiness at Work (or Arbejdsglaede to the Danes).

Max also created a case study of how we’ve been getting digital into the heart of Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Consular Services.

Jules has kicked off the Happiness 2.0 project, reviewing how we measure happiness in the company currently and how we can develop this for when we move into our new office.

Did someone just mention our NEW OFFICE??

Ross & Will delivered a skills training day in social media strategy at top 5 UK publishing house as part of an ongoing strategic programme. This course was open to the whole company on a first come, first served basis.

Jenni spent an afternoon supporting the Reader Engagement Group at said top 5 UK publishing house as part of the programme to design and implement pilot projects that bring them closer to their readers.

Clive blogged about our love of trains.

Jenni wrote an excellent article for Wired magazine asserting that women should become creators as well as consumers of the web.

Belinda went to the Connecting HR Tweet up.

Steve attended the kick off meeting for BBC Weatherbot, a Twitter bot we developed as one of the first pilots in the Connected Studios programme. Watch this space!

Max has been booked to speak at the Social and Digital in Housing conference in Birmingham on 6th December, to talk about how social media is creating radical shifts in how organisations think and behave.

Ross wrote a blog post about crying at work. :’|

Caz wrote about the Facebook announced changes to its edgerank algorithm.

Jenni & Will workshopped with the Business Improvement team at an international law firm, helping them explore new ways of working that are more in tune with today’s fast-moving, connected, competitive legal marketplace.

And finally, our old friend Tommy has been at BluCamp in Missouri, USA this week, a retreat for leaders wishing to build freedom-centred, democratic workplaces. Tom is now flying the flag for democratic workplaces as a WorldBlu ambassador.

Sword and shield of win

We have a shield and sword of win. It’s an actual shield and sword, it’s plastic, the sword is broken and taped back together again (some idiots were probably playing pirates with it, not that I know or was there or anything) and each week we give it to someone who has exhibited some win in any form in their work. The person who has it at the time passes it on to the next person.

Last week Will (who previously had it for his bravery of hosting Meaning while really very ill) handed it to Bee for her amazing performance in delivery of work for a client. And always with a smile on her face. Woot!



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