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Caroline Yetman

Are your fans getting bored of you?

Brands are going to have to work even harder to get fans engaging with their content.

(Photo courtesy of Nick Wilkes)

According to Adweek, Facebook has recently reduced the reach of brands’ page posts. Jeff Doak, social platform director at WPP’s Team Detroit, claimed that lots of pages had seen their reach drop by 45%, after Facebook announced changes to its Edgerank algorithm.

On top of this, FastCompany claims that there’s a surge in the number of fans who are blocking posts from their newsfeed altogether.

It’s clear that even though it may look as though your brand has a lot of Facebook fans, it isn’t right to assume that all those fans are seeing the page content.

Is Facebook just trying to give fans what they want?

Facebook said on the recent changes:

We’re continuing to optimize News Feed to show the posts that people are most likely to engage with, ensuring they see the most interesting stories. This aligns with our vision that all content should be as engaging as the posts you see from friends and family.

The solution?

Essentially, if your products and services are boring, then maybe Facebook isn’t for you.

For every update you post, ask yourself,”is this interesting?”.

(If your Facebook Page looks anything like the screen shot below, from Condescending Corporate Brand Page, then the answer to that question is “No”)

Here’s my take…

Consumers are savvy and they’re getting bored.

They’re becoming increasingly more selective about the types of content they want to see from brands, and Facebook is smart enough to react. I reckon Facebook will continue making it harder for brands to ‘broadcast’ messages to fans – and they’re right to do so. What will be interesting is how brands will respond. Some may remove their Facebook presence altogether, but it’s the smarter one’s who will take the opportunity to listen to their fans, to create something interesting and valuable for them.  They’ll stop worrying about the content that goes up on Facebook and start trying to build a community where they can support their customers and crowdsource new ideas.

… What’s yours?


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  1. Ade

    Interesting take on the changes, but it’s worth considering the strangely coincidental timing with big drops in engagement at the moment when FB are pushing the ‘sponsored posts’ hard. I’m no conspiracy theorist, but it’s hard not to make the connection.

    Posted 17th October 2012 at 11:57 am | Permalink
  2. Caz

    Yes it could be interpreted that way, Ade.

    From what they say (in the quote above) I’d like to think it’s an attempt from Facebook to cut out the ‘crud’ to make brands think about the sorts of content they’re using. But this does often come across as spammy so they’ll need to improve this, and based on these stats, I reckon they’ll react pretty soon…

    Posted 17th October 2012 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

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