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Anna Carlson

We’re moving!

You may have heard on the grapevine that NixonMcInnes are moving at the end of this month. We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be the first business to move into the first floor of the East Street section of the former Brighton department store Hanningtons, since it closed over 10 years ago.

We’re really excited to breathing life into part of this old Brighton relic. Our specific piece of it apparently used to be the womenswear floor, which included the lingerie department (ooh err missus). It’s got a very Grace Brothers feel (Ala Are You Being Served) with lovely ornate pillars and ceiling adornments, split levels and a lovely original stained glass ‘H’ feature window at the back. Oh, and it’s also reputed to be haunted… eek!

I would compare stores like this to old luxury liners like The Queen Mary. You think they will always be there and then eventually they disappear. Like the old liners they were a relic of a vanished era.

Edward Castle

The whole move and new office renovation has been managed by a nominated ‘office move team’, consisting of myself, Leesa, Jenni and Clive. Some of the wider team haven’t even seen the office yet, including Will who will probably see it for the first time on moving in day, like he did when we moved into our current office.

The office move team have been collaborating on decor ideas and inspiration with a shared Pinterest board, which, after being on our last office move team for our last move has been an amazing way to align our ideas and get a shared understanding of what we’re trying to achieve.

So, when do we move?

We’ll be officially out of Lees House on the 29th October, but with a mammouth schedule of works slightly overrunning (it’s been a big task converting this from a retail space to an office space) we’ll be officially into our new home a few days after that. All in all we’ll have a week and a half period of our team working remotely, either at a co-working space or a mix of homes, ‘hotdesks’ and cafes while the final touches are being made, and all going well we should be in our new home officially the week commencing the 5th November. If you’re a client or associate, we’ll of course be in touch very shortly with all our new details.

Above: The space as it looks today; we’ll be in the first floor running from Monsoon to LK Bennett.

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  1. Ross Breadmore

    What excites me about the new office is the potential to now house more hotdeskers, whether they’re freelancers, clients or friends and family. Will be great to serve as more of a hub and be able to convene communities more and more.

    Also, I’ve found the debate internally interesting, concerning noise and types of space. As an office with music it’s been interesting to hear conflicting thoughts on the benefits of noise/quiet. While we model some pretty progressive practices concerning salary and happiness, we’ve never thought as consciously thought about space and how people want to work.

    Cannot wait.

    Posted 16th October 2012 at 3:40 pm | Permalink
  2. So exciting. Here’s one old friend who will certainly be making the most of hot-desking at the new NM HQ :)

    It always felt like a huge company milestone to move into a new home. Bring on the future! x

    Posted 17th October 2012 at 11:18 pm | Permalink

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