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Social CRM – my talk at social media week

Yesterday I took part in an event alongside Joshua March from Conversocial and Chris Heffer from SAP, entitled Social CRM: A practical look at what it is and how to get started.

It was useful for me for two reasons. Firstly, it forced me to reach some kind of clarity on my own opinions and definitions of social CRM – for a long time now I’ve been collecting related links, reading random blog posts and talking to multiple colleagues and clients about social CRM, but have never really sat down formed any definitive conclusion. To prepare for my talk I put together the following deck which hints at my definition, the barriers I perceive, and the considerations I think are important when getting started:


Secondly, the event was great as it made me realise how much of the above slide deck was irrelevant. As soon as we got into the Q&A’s, myself and the other panellists quickly realised we had completely different views on social CRM, to the extent that the label became unhelpful. As Chris argued, systems and platforms are irrelevant if company culture is not fundamentally social, something that rang true to our beliefs at NM. In this case, social CRM is at best a decent label for a specific set of platforms that enable businesses to pull social data into traditional customer relationship management, but not much more.

While I realise that disregarding social CRM as a label and focussing on culture is ideal, it’s also not that helpful when trying to navigate an exciting trend for bringing social into businesses by way of data and process, and so for now I’ll continue to use the label. I plan to write more on this in the coming weeks, so shout below if you feel I’ve missed the point. 

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