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Caroline Yetman

Dear technophobes and the techno-curious

Dear technophobes and the techno-curious,

Don’t know what the code below means?

Fear not – the NixonMcInnes Applied Tech gang are here to help!

And for a special limited edition price of £150 per person, they will transform you into someone who is aware of, understands, and is confident about the possibilities of the social web - all in just one day! (Imagine what they could do with seven!)

This special rate is based on people attending from different organisations (we usually train whole teams from the same organisation) however, because this is a new course, we want to test it out with people who have a passion to learn with us. 

Look, here’s the AT gang, getting ready for action…

Want to know more? Check out the details of our new course we’re calling ‘programming the social web for non-coders

In a nutshell, it will…

  • give you the hands-on confidence that comes with having spent a day making and playing with digital technologies.
  • grow your confidence of working with technology and ‘techy’ people
  • show you the possibilities of social and digital technologies
  • give you more ability and understanding when working with techy colleagues and partners

Steve says “Just be prepared to get your hands dirty, experiment and have fun!”

If you’re interested in getting this course at the special rate, simply pop your name and email address in the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly. We’ve already had some interest in this – so hurry!

With love,


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