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We’re hiring for a consultant

Fancy helping some of the biggest brands about make sense of digital? Fancy working differently, in an environment where empowerment and transparency are key? We’ve decided that we need another one or two consultants, so if you’re interested read on…

Full job advert

What does a consultant do at NixonMcInnes?

It’s impossible to say exactly what you’d be doing, as we have many different types of people (for example Anna (consultant) is our business development superstar, Danny (consultant) focusses on finance clients, and I (consultant) do a fair amount of public speaking on behalf of the team), but consultants are the core of the NixonMcInnes business. I may of course be biased, but in a business which understands the needs of clients and then creates products and services in response, the multi-skilled consultants are our life-blood. There’s more detail in this job advert, but example consultant activities include:

  • Insight and analysis work
  • PR and campaign activity; idea creation through to delivery
  • Facilitation/training
  • Organisational change
  • Community management

As we’re a consultancy rather than an agency, there’s a focus on strategic thinking, equipping our clients with digital skills where possible, rather than outsourcing activities on their behalf. Therefore we need people who can relentlessly ask ‘why?’ and answer this question from the client’s perpective, as well as the perspective of competitors, audiences and any other relevant party.

What kind of person should apply?

In addition to the strategic mindset and flexibility mentioned above, we’re looking for smart, nice people. Sounds trite, but in an environment where there’s a constant flow of communication, feedback and change, the ability to think on your feet and face challenge with a positive attitude is essential. We’re not hung up on Klout scores, or how many Pins you can stick in your Tumblr; for us a genuine interest in what digital is doing to the world is far more important.

Experience wise, three years experience in a similar environment is essential, either supplier or brand side.

I’m interested – how do I apply?

If you’ve had a look at the full advert, and think you’d be a good fit for what we’re looking for, please email your CV to by September 7th.

Along with your CV, please include examples/evidence that you feel brings your unique attributes and passion to life; what excites you about technology, why NixonMcInnes, that kind of thing. We take hiring really seriously and so would really appreciate anything that will help us gain perspective on you.

Full job advert

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