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YRS 2012 – Days 2 and 3

Yesterday was so busy that I’ve was unable to get a an update out, so be prepared to have your mind blown by not one but two days worth of updates in todays post!

On Monday the groups got their ideas down, on Tuesday the designing and coding began in earnest. Jeese Speak and Adam Pooler from Cubeworks joined us in the morning and began by hosting some workshops with each group covering wireframing and prioritisation. This set everyone in good stead for the rest of the day. We were also joined again by Jack and John for the morning, and new mentors Stephen FulljamesAdam YeatsPrem Rose and Tobias Quinn, who were all on hand to provide technical assistance throughout the day.

In the afternoon we were joined by Alick Mighall of Miggle who gave an inspirational talk about how to get into web development and helped the teams with some of their tricky problems.

By the afternoon the projects were starting to take shape and all of them had made good progress.

Today kicked off wth some great short talks from Seb Lee-Delisle and Ian Gilfeather. Seb talked about his life as a creative coder, what that entails and how he got there, showing off some excellent demos of projects that he has worked on. And Ian talked about how he got in to the games industry, from making AAA console games to starting his own studio Fat Pebble. Hopefully this gave everyone a bit more of an idea of some jobs other  than ‘web monkey’ that they could persue.

We have also been joined again by Donna ComerfordGreg HadfieldTobias Quinn and Stephen Fulljames who were all on hand to provide technical and moral support. We also had a surprise visitor! Tim Falls is ‘community guy’ at SendGrid, one of the sponsors of YRS this year. He is visiting the UK from the states to check out a bunch of centres, see what all these brilliant teams are doing… and also buy us all pizza, hooray! Thanks SendGrid!

This afternoon has been a mixture of full-steam-ahead coding, starting to get presentations ready and perhaps some mild panic that we only have tomorrow left!! I’m looking forward to tomorrow where we should be able to see some almost-fully working apps and practice run presentations!

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