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YRS 2012 – Day 1

Day one is down. 18 amazing kids, 4 amazing teams, 4 amazing projects, 5 incredible mentors and 2 frazzled organisers!

YRS Brighton kicked off this morning at The Lighthouse with introductions from me and emma about YRS, open data. Then our mentors, Jack Lang, Donna Comerford, Jessica Bowden, Greg Hadfield and John Willshire, stepped up to introduce themselves. We followed this with a quick introduction to Source Control from Jack and then an introduction to John’s cool Artefact cards that help with idea generation and development.

After all this talking the guys quickly started to come up with ideas, there was talk of a Boris Johnson tracker (possibly violating multiple privacy laws), Olympic data, train data, helping people with disabilities and all sorts of other brilliant things.

After a hasty lunch everyone organised into proper teams and started to develop the ideas that have the most legs, in their own words…

World Wide Health

World wide health is a website which will raise awareness about the risks smoking and drinking alcohol but there are also health tips about nutrition and exercise. It will display data about the level of smoking and alcohol consumption in different
countries and then compare it to the life expectancy to see how much of a difference it makes. This website will also have a small basic application embed in the code which will provide information about individual countries.

Way To Go

An accessibility web app using crowd-sourced and open data. Made in Brighton for #YRS2012

Users can search for places by entering accessibility criteria. Generic information about each place comes from the Google Places API. The accessibility information is crowd-sourced from people using the app: when they visit a place, they are invited to fill out information about the place, such as how accessible it is, friendliness of staff, facilities available etc.

The Matrix Engine

A game development platform that uses open data for in-game systems.

The Matrix Engine is a game development platform for users of JavaScript, HTML and HTML5. It uses
real time data in games such as real time weather reports which directly affect the in-game world.
This adds an extra layer of reality for the user. The engine also uses our own scripting language
which is in development. It helps with sound design quality. The games made to run from within the
browser so there’s no need to install a framework for every single user that plays the game.


FUD (Name not final) is an application and website that help’s you discover new and interesting places to eat whether that be in a restaurant or a take-away. The app will show; Food Hygiene Ratings, Reviews, Opening Times, Menu’s, Coupons, Allergies and more! This is the food app to end all food apps!

So there we have it! I hope you are all as blown away as we are by the imagination of each of these projects.

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