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Will McInnes

Goodbye Greevsie, toodle-oo Matt, willkommen Bruce

A few team changes here at NixonMcInnes.

Firstly, and biggestly, last week was our first week without our old chum and colleague Louise Greeves.

If you worked with Lou, you’ll know she’s a bit of a star. Down to earth, funny and very smart and hardworking. Lou decided she wanted to keep adding to her digital marketing skillset, having joined us in our social media heyday from a traditional PR company, Greeves now heads to local digital marketing firm iCrossing to learn SEO, paid search and integrated digitalness. She’ll be running the joint in no time :-)

A lovely little idea for a farewell bubbled up from somewhere in the team: farewell tweets…

We’ll be seeing Lou off this Friday with lots of drinks, tears (joy), laughter and passive-aggressive well wishes for the future :)

Less permanently, but no less notable, is news that Matt Matheson – an absolute hub of the team at NizoMk – has gone off for 7 months travelling.

What’s lovely about this story is that Matt has worked solidly since he was 16 without a travelling break or holiday longer than 2 weeks. Hugely well earnt. But also that we didn’t have a sabbatical policy at NM, so Matt made an absolutely compelling case and presentation to the team, we voted as a whole, and vowed to help him make it happen. Democracy at work.

In his place we welcome a very capable pair of hands in Bruce Waskett – cool name huh? Bruce has done a bit of design, UX, strategy, producer-ing. Welcome Bruce! (He’s going to add his profile to the site soon…).


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  1. Lou Greeves

    Thanks for the lovely send-off post Will :) It has been a genuine pleasure to have worked for such an amazing, fun and different company that’s interested and interesting. And I’ve also made some awesone friends along the way.

    Loads of people I’ve been meeting in my new role are really fascinated to hear about what it’s like at NM. I’ve already been challenging people who don’t reckon that open book accounting or happy buckets can work in a bigger organisation!

    The farewell tweets were wicked and looking forward to seeing everyone on my official Friday send-off (although feeling slightly more trepidation about the photo evidence!)

    Big love to the NM crew xxx

    Posted 12th July 2012 at 1:05 pm | Permalink
  2. Richard Atkinson

    Good luck Lou!

    It has been a pleasure to work with you since Barclaycard started off on our social servicing journey last February!

    I always admired your positive attitude, clear thinking & insightful ideas! Although we haven’t worked together much recently, I know you will be sadly missed by anyone who worked with you!!

    Good luck at iCrossing!! :)

    Posted 30th July 2012 at 8:38 am | Permalink