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Will McInnes

BluCamp from our friends at WorldBlu

BluCamp, from our friends at WorldBlu, looks like a much-needed 21st century approach to leadership development:

The purpose of BluCamp is to take top executives through a transformational leadership journey that combines experiential learning with a cutting-edge curriculum in organizational democracy and freedom-centered leadership.

And in the great outdoors! Oh yes. Check it out:

Over the past 4 or so years we’ve found our relationship with WorldBlu to be really helpful – we’ve learnt more about ourselves through their annual scorecard, we’ve learnt from other WorldBlu companies about how they approach freedom-at-work, and we’ve learnt and fed off the energy and connections that Traci, Miranda and the gang provide.

So this is worth a look, I’d say.

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  1. Traci Fenton

    Thanks Will!

    BluCamp is gonna rock — zip-lines, climbing walls, horseback riding and a TON of great ideas on how to build a true democratic workplace! :)

    Thanks for the support!


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