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Say hello to Meaning 2012!

Extremely excited to announce our newest and boldest project yet: Meaning 2012.

The elevator pitch is:

Meaning conference is the annual gathering for people who believe business can and must be better in the 21st century.
Learn from pioneers and build connections with likeminded peers.
Together we can change the world of business.


We designed Meaning because we feel that there’s a tidal wave of change, challenges and new possibilities happening in business.

That in recent years business has been hugely at fault, but at the edges (and sometime even in the mainstream) may offer us possibilities to properly make the world better.

And that gathering some of these related themes, some of the people really doing business better and differently, and the people that want to know more, might be brilliant fun and (ahem) meaningful.

So our hope is that Meaning becomes the annual gathering for people who believe business both can and in fact must be better in the 21st century. We think that would be cool. Especially if it helps to accelerate positive change.


So Meaning is now live, and we have three incredible speakers to kick off – the UK’s first Green MP, an American social technologies and ‘future of work’ researcher, and a Danish happiness-at-work expert.

We’re adding speakers all of the time -  a few more will be announced next week, and each week until we have about 10 or so absolutely brilliant, different, interesting people giving us in the audience both big picture inspiration, but crucially also practical insights into make work and business better.

Themes will include things like:

  • Steady-state economics – can we keep growing in conventional terms and if not, what are the alternatives?
  • Technology disruption – what technology themes are imminent and likely to disrupt business as usual?
  • Organisational design & structure – is top-down, command and control fit for the 21st century?
  • Getting this done – how can an individual make change to their workplace, their startup, their team?

You can see more of the themes we’re considering on the website.

Also: Brighton on the map

One of our other motives here is about the city we live and work in. We have long admired events that put Brighton on the map as a source of innovation, learning and inspiration, and that bring people to our home city of Brighton – especially dConstruct, some of the other games and digital conferences, and of course the cultural stuff like the Brighton Festival too.

So part of our goal here is to host this conversation in Brighton – we’re proud of this city, and want to be part of the community that puts the pin in the map here.

But also because we think some of the unique characteristics of Brighton as a city and its creative business cluster (which are currently being put under the microscope by the Fuse research project) make this a fertile environment to grow not only an innovative business community in ‘what’ we do, but one that can also break ground in progressive business practices, in ‘how we do it.

And in September is the Brighton Digital Festival which grows in stature every year. Due to venue issues, we’re on the 1st of October but we’re hoping we’ll still be allowed to be part of the Festival ;-) That, or we’re the first Fringe event.

So this is the start.

If you’d like to come, please get in there and get yourself a ticket. For launch we’ve released a small batch of 50 tickets at £99 plus VAT, until Monday 2nd July (a week from time of writing) when we release another small batch of 50 Early Bird tickets at £149 plus VAT.

Price-wise, we’ve consciously made all of the tickets affordable to enable people from diverse circumstances and organisations (like startups and NFPs as well as you guys at corporates) to participate, and the release of tickets in batches we hope will give the motivated a chance to get in early, while helping us balance financial demands with getting bums on seats.

If you know someone that you think needs to be on stage sharing their story or work, please comment or drop us an email – I’d love to hear your ideas before we lock down the programme!

And please do share the event with people that you think will find it exciting.

Join us – we’re putting our heart and soul into this.

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  1. Yes! Here I am again, finding NIxon McInnes on the right track (well, I would say that as it’s the one I’m on too).

    Conferences like this are what the world needs yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Here’s one lovely read to get folk inspired to think (gross domestic) happiness, ethical business and all that good good stuff.

    The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

    And a real classic, by a real classic

    The Ecology of Commerce

    Love you guys…

    Will Tom be there too? Back from Peru?

    Libby Davy

    Posted 27th June 2012 at 2:20 pm | Permalink
  2. Thank you Libby! These are lovely links, and we always appreciate your support.

    And yes, Tom will be back from his adventures and joining us on the day :)

    Posted 25th July 2012 at 9:43 am | Permalink