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Returning to Dublin: More social media training in July

I’m counting down the weeks now until I head across to Dublin once again, to run a social media training course on 18 July 2012 called “How to build a social media campaign“.

The course is part of our NixonMcInnes Academy and will be very similar to the one I delivered in February, when I was joined by a lively bunch to look under the skin of social media and discuss how best to make sense of it all.

Great! Removed the mystique of technology and brought it back to the people, which is what it’s all about.

Feb 2012

With an ever-increasing mass of ideas and technologies, it can be hard to know when and where to start with social media. My course will take a good honest look at what social media offers, what it can achieve, and how to plan a strong social media campaign without too much panic, fuss or worry.

We run these courses in conjunction with – big hitters in Ireland’s online PR and digital scene, and organisers of the recent Media Future conference.

Very relevant, practical course – really enjoyed it. Thanks!

Feb 2012

I’m rather looking forward to the course in Dublin. Here’s why:
  • There are some very smart switched-on people dealing with digital stuff in Ireland. It’s always good to meet more of them.
  • Dublin is a reminder that there’s a lot more to the digital world than our beloved Brighton and its big brother London. Stepping outside the London/Brighton world is a great sanity check.
  • Our Dublin courses always attract a good mixture of open minds. Last time, we were joined by people from small companies, large corporations, public sector bodies, charities and PR agencies. This mix makes for varied discussion and lots of opportunities to learn from each other.
  • The food and drink in Dublin is fantastic. Which is great, as I like good food and drink. Highlights from February were a substantial onion bhaji burger and some wonderful ice cream.
  • In February I flew to Dublin. This time, I’m planning an adventure by train and ferry.

So, if you’re based in Ireland and you’d like to explore some ideas on how best to approach social media, has more information and details of how to make a booking for 18 July.

Féach tú i mBaile Átha Cliath!


Photo thanks to Joachim S Müller, used under Creative Commons licence.
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