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Introducing ‘Mega Chunt’: Chatter by email, IM, SMS

Here at NixonMcInnes, we’ve recently adopted Salesforce’s Chatter as our internal comms platform of choice, moving away from Yammer as we try to standardise and upgrade our internal systems.

A wise decision, no doubt, but I think it’s fair to say this migration has been met with mixed feelings.

Yes, Chatter has some benefits over Yammer, the ability to receive updates from sales opps as they move through the system perhaps being among them. However, I for one have been yearning for certain Yammer features, some of which seem pretty fundamental, namely the ability to update Chatter on the move, using those familiar and ubiquitous protocols, Email, IM and SMS.

My so-called ‘smart phone’ is a lowly iPhone 3.1.x (practically prehistoric) with appalling support for Chatter — the official Chatter app won’t run, and Seesmic only allows me to read Chatter, insisting on crashing whenever I try to post an update. A frustrating experience, to say the least.

*sad face*

Fortunately, all was not lost! Chatter, as it turns out, has a pretty complete API, and a RESTful one at that! Familiar territory for us. I quickly set to work, writing a rudimentary API client library (source code over on Github), and building a simple web app on top of this, which is now running happily in the cloud atop Google’s glorious App Engine.

So, here it is… Mega Chunt [1], providing Chatter users everywhere with the ability to chunt using email, IM and SMS [2], just be careful how you pronounce it!

Earlier today…

There’s a little more info on the about page. And the source code is also over on Github, if you’re into perusing that kind of thing.

[1] — why ‘Mega Chunt‘ you ask? Good question! ‘Chunting‘ is our term of endearment for the act of creating a status update on the Chatter platform. As tweet is to Twitter, so chunt is to Chatter. Mega, because it’s well, MEGA!

[2] — so, SMS support is currently a bit of a hack using the awesome IFTTT service. To do this, first enable the SMS channel. Then, create a new IFTTT task that responds to an SMS message by emailing the message to your magic Mega Chunt email address. Simple!

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  1. Dave

    Super cool, couple questions/requests:
    How can I mega chunt to a chatter group?
    How do I remove mega chunt from my google/chatter accounts?

    Posted 10th August 2012 at 10:18 pm | Permalink
  2. Hi Dave,

    Sorry for the late reply, your comment got stopped by our spam filter for some reason :\

    Glad you like Mega Chunt!

    Unfortunately, there’s no way to do either of those things right now. I wrote Mega Chunt in a really short space of time, to meet my own needs, and opened it up to the wider world in the hopes that it might help others too. I’m too busy to continue developing it right now, but I can delete you from the database manually, if you like.

    Alternatively the source code is open, and available on Github, I’ll happily review any pull requests on the code:


    Posted 28th August 2012 at 11:05 am | Permalink

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