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Experiments at ‘Making work better (sometimes)’

Today I’m talking at the Arbejdsglæde Live! konference here in scorching hot Copenhagen.

The whole conference is about happiness at work – the word Arbejdsglæde literally means work-joy here – and is run a brilliant guy called Alexander Kjerulf and his team.

As you probably know Denmark is a pretty interesting country when it comes to happiness – often in the ‘most happy countries’ surveys, they have a word for happiness at work, and of course their many progressive employment policies and attitudes. And some of the speakers Alex has lined up are brilliant – a chairman from a bank where the employees were freed up to make unprecedented decisions for their customers through to a guy from Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) talking about how teams and individuals retain their morale in the face of humanitarian disaster.

These are the slides from my talk about some of the practices, experiments and approaches we have taken at NixonMcInnes to develop our particular culture.

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